Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wolf Guard #2

Second Wolf Guard with slightly improved color scheme.
Let me know what you think

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Quick paint job between the space wolves

Space Wolf Wolf Guard Unit

First from the upcoming unit of 5 Wolf Guard unit all with maxmini "feral heads"

Eldar Farseer

My best work so far..

And it started as a training miniature i used to practice new techniques between painting commissions.

Hope You like him

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Eldar Warlock

This time Eldar warlock my favorite warlock model it was done bout 3 months ago quick paint job nothing really to talk bout

Considering the time from starting till ending the work this was my personal record almost 2 years before i decided to complete this piece.

Word Bearer

First thing's first :p

One of my oldest photographed work
During those years I've become somehow a space wolf painter
Hope You like him.