Friday, April 22, 2011

Building gaming base

To build gaming base You will need :
pva glue
super glue
plasti card 0,05 mm and 0,2 m
modeling knife
sanding paper
some bits from plastic kits

First step is to break the cork into a base fitting fragments i used 2 slices to achieve desired height. make sure you have some rough edges and not a clean cuts. You can break or cut the desired shape.

glue the cork to the base using super glue

after the glue is dry it's time to cut the plasti card that will be fited on top of the cork platform. place the base onto the plasticard and draw the shape similar to the one of the cork platform then cut the shape using modeling knife/ clippers
be sure to sand the plasticard so that it can be glued without any problems
ater gluing the plasti card onto the base its time to do some cobblestone. I personaly use finished product and just glue it onto the base
i glued the pieces to the plasti card the i roughen up the edges using clippers to break away fragments that were extending over the originally build platform

When the main part was finished i decided to do a t-iron
It is 2 stripes of plasti card glued together using super glue
Then i cut one end of the tiron to fit desired angle and glued it to the base.
I decided to fit the base with dark eldar helmet to bring extra attention to the base.

When pieces were dry i applied some pva glue onto the cork and and plastic base using old brush
and applied sand.

Finished ! That was easy eh?

Here is the photo of finished base before its painted

To be continued..

Busy days

Hell it's a fine weather !
Pity i have to work.
I case You are wandering what i was doing all that time, I'm working on eldar army and starting few Golden Demon entries for this years German GD.

Here are few minis that i'll do between assembling and painting eldars

Hope to do them in different colors than usual and work more with metallic paints