Sunday, November 21, 2010


Started this as an urban base for my space wolf( yup good guess) terminator but now not really sure if he will be mounted on it. Maybe it better fits Ork freebooter i was doing while ago

Lelith Hesperax - WiP

I was going to finish this model almost week ago but the sudden illness brought me directly to bed.
Hope to finish her in next few days as i getting better lately.

WiP - Space Wolf yet again

Another Forge World model. after commissar i learned to love them. I actually bought him before Korp but waited a long time before feeling ready to paint him.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Late update

This was my entry for Hussar - painting competition, finalist on large model.
Such a massive project, my first attempt on making large scenic base. Idea for the whole scene came to me after a while. Tried to catch the atmosphere of the krieg, their ruined homeworld overwhelmed in atomic winter so toxic that living there without masks is sure death.
Commissars uniform was inspired by German world war II winter uniforms, tried to give it worn and slightly dim look.
The base is to resemble late winter/early spring with melting snow uncovering uneasy history of their planet.

Comments are welcome as always!