Sunday, November 7, 2010

Late update

This was my entry for Hussar - painting competition, finalist on large model.
Such a massive project, my first attempt on making large scenic base. Idea for the whole scene came to me after a while. Tried to catch the atmosphere of the krieg, their ruined homeworld overwhelmed in atomic winter so toxic that living there without masks is sure death.
Commissars uniform was inspired by German world war II winter uniforms, tried to give it worn and slightly dim look.
The base is to resemble late winter/early spring with melting snow uncovering uneasy history of their planet.

Comments are welcome as always!


  1. Hi! It's me - Przemo :)
    Wow, the base is really nice. Great feeling of winter WW2. Some nice details on the base like the bird. I love the railway tracks and icicles.

    On the other hand in few parts there is too much free places. And dead space marine IMO wasn't a good idea for such WW2 scene...

    The horsman stays in a great place, I really like the whole composition. Miniature between trees, on the top of the scene, great.

    But the paiting is not contrasted enough. The miniature should be a fokal point of the whole scene. You should use more contrast and brighter colours for miniature then for the base. In your diorama everything is painted in the same way. Remeber that even if the contrast you can see under your painting-lamp is ok, it maight be not enough while you look at the mini in normal light. Maybe also some more focus on the soldier's face? Something like the green horse's eye, but iven stronger and brighter colour would be a good idea?

    Really like progres you've done. And can see a lot of work on that scene. Gratulations!

  2. Hi!
    Really like this one, great atmospere you achieved here. As Przemo said, this model shows that you improved a lot. congratulations:)
    regards, loler