Friday, March 9, 2012

Miniature Review - Space Wolves Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf

Time for some finecast review. Wolf lord on Thunderwolf is a model i been looking forward to since releasing the Space Wolves Codex, although we had an option to buy and convert our Wolf lord from Canis Wolfborn Special Character a piece that allows to build custom character was something yet to be seen.

So first things first. New Wolf lord model is a Citadel Finecast model and actually it's my first encounter with this range of citadel resin models, I had pleasure to work wit some forge world stuff before and had quite an expectations concerning quality.
So the box contains 5 resin sprues, judging from the shape it's so called second generation of Finecasts with improved quality

Here are some close up's of individual sprues

So now that we all had an overall look time to see some of the major flaws

Wolf Head is build up from 2 elements that fit nice and close to each other leaving hardly any gap between but are with some big moulding lines.

To sum up this review, model is fantastic I'm a great fan of the Space Wolves and been waiting for it a long time. Although it has more than a few flaws. Main is moulding lines I'm places that need to be smooth or have detail ( fur, power armor) second is bubbles there are less then in previous generation of Finecasts but still it renders some part unusable - take a closer look at the back pack (exhaust vanes)
Overall its a great model with fantastic atmosphere suiting space wolves perfectly ( love the face :)), pity it lacks other options to equip your Wolf Lord but as a gamer you'll definitively have some leftovers from grey hunter or terminator kit that may be useful in converting this lad. I equipped mine with thunder hammer and changed backpack as one in the set needed all too much work to make him usable.

GW states that finecast will get better in time, i can say that for a new product they are quite expensive and still imperfect overall 6/10 from me


  1. first off your logo for this post is awesome and hilarious failcast hahaha!
    I was going to get some next week, now I am excited instead of nervous :)

  2. You do know that you are able to exchange the model until you get a good one. Its GW policy. I have yet to purchase any fine cast because of articles like this as well as seeing for myself how much quality lacks in this so called perfection. I say GW should use FW resin & stop the BULLSHIT!!

    Thanks bro. love your work.

  3. I have found them getting better, but still very inconsistent. DE were aweful, Necrons were passable and the 25th anniversary marine was damn near flawless. I still prefer plastic over resin and resin over metal, though.