Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

First of all i would like to wish You happy New Year, may it bring joy and happiness to all of You.

Many things happened in past year, mainly sad that made me think about life in quite a different style. Pursuit to fill out the emptiness inside led me into many weird places and decisions, but in all of this painting gave me a way to cut my self of these problems just for a while. Peace, tranquility and focusing on one of these few things in the world that i like made me realize that painting is not just a hobby it became like a way of life something that makes me happy.
That realization made me apply for eavy metal team. I managed to make my way to the final stage of recruitment and was invited to Nottingham for few days to meet all the crew and workers and for a painting session with eavy metal members. I must say that it was a great experience people that work there are so friendly and also that was my dream to find myself among them. Unfortunately my painting is't good enough to be one of them yet but i received some positive feedback from Brokenblade and other members and few tips that will help me in future. Not to mention all the miniatures and top secret things that i saw there :P
The whole trip was great, it was my first flight and to foreign country and all by my own, wonderful experience, made me feel so free :)
Can't help myself to wonder how my life would have been if i got that job...

There are some works that i would like to share with You some old some newer that i made but never published on blog

Latest one and still a WiP is a model that i bought during my trip to Nottingham

Khorn Lord

Second is Nurgle Marine that i made 4th place on Hussar painting competition in November
Click here to see pics on CoolMiniorNot

next one is Aquarius, this model was an experiment, i painted it following tips from Camelson and trying to replicate his style

You can find more photos in here

Last but not least i would like to thanks Camelson, Smok and Avalanche for being with me and cheering me up all this time.
I would like also to thank Solmar and Colonel Shofer for nice comments on my recent post they really made me into thinking.

Hope this New Year will be good for all of us !

Stay tuned for more updates in future.

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