Sunday, January 22, 2012

Miniature Review - Vampire Counts Wight King

Hi !
Its time to review some miniatures :) First is Games Workshop Wight King model from new Vampire Counts army that was released last month. Wight King is a new addition to the army or more like a reebot af a wight lord that we have seen so far but finally with a decent model to fit new grave guard and skeleton design.

First of all model is sold in a blister so that we can chance a closer look at the model before buying it model is made from plastic and sadly dose not contain any options to customize. Inside we can find assemble guide and one plastic sprue containing all pieces of model.

Click on the image above to see bigger high res pics

As you can see model is made from high quality plastic and has all the great details that GW has accustom us to. Sword and cloak are nice and thin and also highly durable when bending
Main flaw of the miniature is that right foot of the model is placed on the base so if you are fan of building your own bases or just want to have something different like placing him on diorama that the problem you would have to deal with.

As I said before you have absolutely no options to customize your model it comes with sword and shield and you have to cut model to swap parts as arm with sword is the same piece as part of the cloak. That's really a pity that GW is heading straight to what they been diverting for last few years and again to the armies of clones that every army looks the same
Big disappointment after such pieces like Empire Mage set that gave options to fully customize your wizzard.

Parts fit closely to each other leaving some minor spaces between them (cloak, crown), model is almost free from mold lines.

To sum up Wight King is a solid sculpt with great details and wonderful atmosphere , the only flaw is that foot is sculpted onto the base so overall 7/10

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