Sunday, January 8, 2012

Midnight Sky

Hi, this is my version of Deathmaster Snikch. I made minor conversion by removing corps that he was standing on to better fit that base that i had in mind. it was quite a delicate process that took my about 2 hour so that i wouldn't damage his paws.
The whole scene is an idea that Deathmaster is sneaking into garden at night on his way to the castle to assassinate some powerful imperial noble. The base was build to resemble old scary neglected garden with dead trees and cracked pavement covered in moss.

as you can see i added some source lighting effect from warpstone shards he is carrying, and from elven waystone and i tried to emulate the liquid effect on poison that's dripping of his blades.

You can see more pics here

Hope You like Him


1 comment:

  1. He is great, I really like the theme you have and the basing is very nice. I need to start just building some bases of my own to work on my creativity! Very nice object lighting as well!